Awards & Recognitions

The Hubert T. Fuller Award

The most prestigious award presented to ISM—Dallas members, the Hubert T. Fuller Award honors the efforts of individuals who have substantially contributed to the growth and success of our organization. Only ISM—Dallas members are eligible for this award, and it remains indicative of members who are true professionals.

The award was named for the chapter's president in 1970, a purchasing manager with Mobil Oil Company who devoted countless hours of his time to the success of our association.

The Hubert T. Fuller Award honors members who:

  • Exemplify true professionalism in their daily responsibilities
  • Have performed outstanding service within the local chapter.
  • Are a valuable and trusted asset to the community.

Previous honorees include:

2023 Peter VanderLight

2022 Chase Jackson

2021 George Ellington, CPSM, CPSD

2020 Parker Malone, CPSM

2019 Corey Matthews, MA
2018 Mark Schoonover, CPSM
2017 Sean Cusick, CPSM, C.P.M.
2016 Mary R. Buenrostro, CPSM, C.P.M.
2015 Kevin Marshall
2014 Julia M. Skinner
2013 Jessica Harris
2012 Jim Fleeker, C.P.M.
2011 Brad Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD
2010 Keith Masten, C.P.M.
2009 Pat Woods, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
2008 Jim Hogan, CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM
2007 Mary Walker, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2006 John Marxer, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2005 Barbara Taylor, C.P.M.
2004 Dan Ofoegbu
2003 Dina Hansen, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
2002 Carol Cooper, CPSM, C.P.M.
2001 Bob Moore, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2000 Phillip Kabakoff, C.P.M.
1999 Kathy Bridwell, C.P.M.
1998 Gene E. Cook, C.P.M.
1997 Suzanne Bishop, C.P.M.
1996 Terence J. Egan, C.P.M.
1995 W. M. Richards, C.P.M.
1994 Tommy G. Lindsey, C.P.M.
1993 Eddye M. Troxlar
1992 Lee Dewey, C.P.M.
1991 Charles E. Bimmerle, C.P.M.
1990 Fred LaVail, C.P.M.
1989 Sara Petzinger, C.P.M.
1988 Lee Stafford, C.P.M.
1987 Fred V. Ball, C.P.M.
1986 Edgar J. Butschek, C.P.M.
1985 J. T. Wilson, C.P.M.
1984 Richard T. Mankin, C.P.M.
1983 Bruce Madden, C.P.M.
1982 Chester Haschke, C.P.M.
1981 Leonard C. Ingram, C.P.M.
1980 Lee Darley, C.P.M.
1979 Robert Anderson, C.P.M.
1978 Everett Warner, C.P.M.


The Ben R. Newbery Award

The purpose of the Club is to make certain the ethics, heritage and Bylaws are followed. Ben R. Newbery was President of the National Association of Purchasing Agents (N.A.P.A.) in 1928, and subsequently served as the Dallas President of N.A.P.A. He was the only Dallas Association member to serve in that high position. His memory and model of excellence is honored by a group of former presidents who meet prior to the Annual Meeting of the Dallas chapter.

The Ben R. Newbery honorees 

2023              George Ellington     

2022              Mark Schoonover, CPSM

2020-2021    Mary Walker, CPSM,CPSD          

2019              Parker Malone,CPSM

2016-2018 Corey Matthews, MA
2014-2015 Sean Cusick, MBA, CPSM, C.P.M.
2012-2013 Kevin Marshall
2010-2011 Jim Fleeker, C.P.M.
2009 Pat Woods, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
2008 Keith Masten, C.P.M.
2007 Ellen Lasser, C.P.M.
2006 Jim Hogan, CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM
2005 Mary Walker, MBA, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2003 Peggy Watkins
2002 John Marxer, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2001 Dan Ofoegbu
2000 Dina Hansen, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
1999 Bob Kubin
1998 Carol Cooper, CPSM, C.P.M.
Charles E. Bimmerle, C.P.M.
1997 Robert Moore, C.P.M.
1996 Kathy Bridwell, C.P.M.
1993 Phillip Kabakoff, C.P.M.
1992 Faye Landham, C.P.M.
1991 Ron Shimkowski, C.P.M.
1990 Mike Richards, C.P.M.
1989 Terence J. Egan, C.P.M.
1986 Walter Lambright
1985 Fred LaVail, C.P.M.
1984 Tommy G. Lindsey, C.P.M.
1977 Lee Stafford, C.P.M.
1975-76 Chester Haschke, C.P.M.
1973 George Walker, C.P.M.
1969 Bruce Madden, C.P.M.
1968 Burton Denman, C.P.M.
1967 Herman E. Canada, C.P.M.
1966 Carl G. Kinnan, C.P.M.
1965 Lee E. Darley, C.P.M.
1964 Gerdes W. Rice
1963 Robert D. Crane
1962 C. M. Newsom
1961 D. Ray Langford, C.P.M.